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Good Guys Wear Black - Avon
by Lizbeth Selvig
Dewey Mitchell loves three things: fixing old cars, football, and family. Although an illness robbed him of his NFL dreams and his hopes for a big family of his own, he’s made himself content working the family business and coaching middle school football. But when his town’s vibrant new librarian and her young, emotionally-challenged son burst into his ordered life, Dewey finds himself inexplicably drawn to the fascinating woman.
Boston-born Rose Hanrehan had no idea how different living in a small town would be. But she’s determined to start fresh for her son, who deals with Asperger’s Syndrome, without her overbearing parents judging her every move. Of course, sometimes her new neighbors seem to be equally closed-minded. And there’s one new neighbor she can’t seem to avoid... in fact, the handsome Dewey, despite his black hat and buried emotions, might end up being the only reason to stay in Kennison Falls.
Neither Dewey nor Rose is looking for love, but what they’re starting to feel can’t be anything else. Will the longtime bachelor and the free-spirited librarian let themselves fall? Or will theier differences get in the way of their happy ending?
Shining Hope
Naomi Stone
The third Team Guardian Adventure, Superhero Romance
Tom Stanton is content in his usual role teleporting others on Team Guardian missions, but while the official Team Coordinator is away honeymooning, Tom takes on the authority and responsibilities of leading the Team – in time to join the FBI in tracking down a rogue Talent behind a string of killings they believe the work of a vigilante Talent bent on destroying sexual predators.
Maybe Tom could have called on another Illusionist to help in the hunt, but Sophia Alvarez is the best, and she’s been on his mind since the last mission they worked together. But after the disappointment of a broken engagement with his former fiancé, he’s slow to risk his heart again. Sophia enjoys working with Tom and is drawn to his mild-mannered urbane style, but her past has left her with mixed feelings about the vigilante’s justice, and about commitment in general. Working this case forces both Tom and Sophia to confront the issues standing in the way of their own happy ending.





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