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September 2020 Releases

Intoxicate Me

by Tamara Hogan

Only her tough love can save him...
Security guru Jack Kirkland is one of two humans alive who knows a very important secret: that humanity has shared their planet with paranormals for millennia. When Jack is seriously injured protecting the paranormals’ president, the president’s family offers round-the-clock care—but no one is more surprised than Jack when the president’s daughter, an aggravating, intoxicating succubus, is first to volunteer. How can Sasha stand to
look at him, much less dress his wounds, when her father died on his watch?

No one, least of all Sasha Sebastiani, blames Jack for her father’s death—but Jack blames himself, and that’s a big problem. She’s the perfect person to help him recover, to deliver some TLC and some tough love...if she can find the strength to ignore the sexual tension that’s been brewing between them for years.

As the danger escalates, Jack and Sasha must work together to neutralize the threat. Will Jack learn to trust himself, and the woman he loves, before he loses everything...including his life?

Skol! Viking Blonde Ale

by Rose Marie Meuwissen

Inga was living the dream, planning events for her own company, Unique Events, but she still hadn’t found a guy who could be ‘The One’ for her. She never would’ve believed a fortune from a gypsy fortune teller promising her a ‘love that surpasses time’ could come true.

Erik moved from Norway to Minnesota to expand his Nordic Brewing company in the U.S. He’d promised himself to devote all his time to the business, but how was he to know that an unknown force of fate would introduce him to a woman he couldn’t walk away from?

Their attraction could not be denied because ultimately, they were destined to be together. But could the Atlantic Ocean keep them apart? Would that even be possible if they were truly soul mates?

Love, Redefined

by Brynn North

Dumped by her longtime boyfriend, Katrina Love bolts back to her hometown to deal with her heartbreak. Determined to win her ex back, despite the one thing he suddenly wants that she can’t provide
– biological children – she sets out to show him exactly what he’s missing out on by reinventing herself into a more exciting person.

To help fund her new mission and life, she reluctantly agrees to become a guest columnist at a local magazine, writing about how to move on after a broken heart. As if she knows anything about that! To make matters worse, she discovers the editor she must work with is her old high school frenemy, Boston. The universe really must
hate her.

Despite both their misgivings, Katrina and Boston end up rekindling their friendship, and when old feelings resurface, making them impossible to ignore, Katrina learns that moving on might not be what she expected.

Invest In Me

by Nan Dixon

He doesn’t remember. She can’t forget.

Sienna D’Amico was humiliated after taking the biggest risk of her life and sleeping with Tanner, a guy she barely knew. Then he ghosts her. No last name. No phone number. When Tanner strolls into her University Managing Innovation and Change class, she’s stuck on a team that includes Tanner and two other guys. They must work together for the semester. Oh how she wishes she’d stuck with her dream of becoming a fashion designer,
instead of playing it safe and getting her marketing degree. But she doesn’t take risks. She won't repeat her dad’s mistakes.

Tanner Morgan has an excuse for not remembering the gorgeous and smart Sienna, but she won’t listen and barely tolerates him. To escape the Midwest and conquer Wall Street he must take risks. He will not end up back on his parents’ ranch. For years he’s not quite Sienna’s friend, but no longer an enemy. That’s only because of their mutual friends—the Big Sky Dreamers.

Tanner takes on Wall Street and achieves his dreams. Sienna cautiously explores her own goals. But something is missing in both their lives. It just might be the impossible—each other?



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