2018 Midwest Fiction Writers Membership Form


You must be a member of Romance Writers of America (RWA) to be a member of MFW. Annual MFW membership costs $40 per calendar year.  An early-bird discount of $5 applies to current members renewing by February 15, 2018. Late renewals (postmarked or hand-delivered after February 15) pay $40.


New members (not a member in the last 2 years) pay $40 plus a $5 one-time fee ($45 total for the first year). New members joining after July 1 pay $20 for the second half of the year plus the $5 one-time fee ($25 total).


All information is required for the MFW board’s records. Each year we publish a roster for the chapter members.


Complete this form and send with a check (in US dollars) payable to Midwest Fiction Writers to:


Midwest Fiction Writers

2018 Membership

P O Box 24107

Minneapolis, MN 55424


RWA® # __________________________


_____ I am RENEWING my MFW membership       _____ I am a NEW MFW member

                                              ($35 until February 15, then $40)                                   ($45 until June 30, then $25)




            General Membership _________         Associate Membership _________

Membership type should match membership type registered with RWA.


If paying by PayPal please record PayPal receipt number here_______________________________

Please check  for any information you wish left OFF the official roster, except your name.


 Name: _________________________________________________   Pen Name:_________________________________________________


 Address________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


 Home Phone: _________________________________________    Cell Phone: ________________________________________________


 E-Mail Address: ________________________________________________________________________________________________________


Muse Newsletter - Send Muse Newsletter to a different email address:__________________________________________________


Please check all that apply:


           PAN Member _____________ Published Author____________ PRO member_______________


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