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New & Current Books by MFW Members

July 16, 2024

Strangers to Husbands by Lee Pini

Strangers to Husbands.jpg

They say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, but when Lewis wakes up married after a wild, drunken night at his best friend’s bachelorette party, he’s worried he’s affected the rest of his life. Tad might be sweet, drop-dead gorgeous, and so easy to be with, but the obvious solution is a speedy divorce. The fact that they both live in New York City should make the process easy… so why is it taking them so long to sign the papers? Or even take off their rings? And why do they keep ending up in bed?

Tad’s anxiety and fear of coming out to his family has driven guys away before. Can he dare to believe Lewis is different? Lewis, his friends, and his loud, loving Italian family support Tad in a way he’s never experienced, and it’s easy to imagine a lifetime of that unconditional love. But life isn’t a romcom…

Or is it?

April 23, 2024

The Boyfriend Fix by Lee Pini

Lee The Boyfriend fix.jpg

Renowned surgeon Ben McNatt is up for the job of his dreams, and when he gets it, he’ll be the youngest chief of neurosurgery in his hospital’s history. His success rate is flawless, but his perceived lack of compassion is hurting his chances. He’s always viewed relationships as a distraction, but a loving partner might change his colleagues’ ideas about his heartlessness. He’ll do whatever it takes for this promotion—even pretend to date. The natural choice for his fake boyfriend is the cute guy at the coffee shop.

Jamie Anderson is in student loan debt up to his eyeballs. He has three roommates, and not in a quirky found-family way. He works sixty hours a week as a barista, and his boss won’t stop hitting on him. He’s even given up on love. He makes do with fantasies about the hot doctor that comes in for coffee every day like clockwork.

A fake relationship might solve Jamie’s handsy boss problem too. And there’s no way it will lead to real feelings when that’s the last thing either of them wants.
So why are they having so much trouble convincing themselves they aren’t falling for each other?

March 5, 2024
Nan Dixon photo 2.jpg

Connections by Nan Dixon

Deception Book 3 Cover.jpg

Book 3 in the Designer Children series


There’s a target on his back and no one knows why.

Professional gambler Drew Phoenix hasn’t met a problem he couldn’t charm his way out of—until now. Three genetically-related siblings barge into his life, bringing with them nothing but trouble. The kind of trouble with bad guys and big guns trying to kill them. Drew calls on Maggie O’Toole, a smoking hot FBI agent, for help.

Maggie’s mission in life is to protect the innocent. She jumps in to help Drew and his siblings. She’s attracted to Drew and their chemistry is off the charts, but her job and mission come first. And Drew’s the kind of guy she usually despises. He runs from trouble. She runs toward it.

When Drew heads to Boston to defend his poker title. Maggie insists on coming as protection. The two leave the safety of the group and head to Boston. Right into a nest of bad guys.

When there’s a gun to Drew's head, life gets pretty damn clear.


February 20, 2024
Lizbeth Selvig 600x700.jpg
Ella Cover Final.jpg

Ella and the Brownies' Treasure by Lizbeth Selvig

An Heirs of Craigwarren Middle-Grade Novella--also a part of The Getaway Chronicles Series

Ella believes Brownie magic can save her family.

No matter what rules she has to break to find its secret.


Eleven-year-old Ella MacDonald-Portman is worried. Her biggest heroes in the world, her mum and her new stepdad, are having problems. Her dad, Noah, is thinking about taking a construction job for at least six months in his native America, and her mum, Mairi, doesn’t want to go. Ella doesn’t want her dad to go either—she’s already been abandoned by one father, and this one she adores with all her heart. She knows if he leaves their home in Scotland, he’ll never come back.

Ella has one hope. As an expert in Scottish legends and creatures, she fully believes in the magic of the Highlands, and in a little-known legend telling of a magic glass cup given to the brownie folk by kind human glass makers. This cup brings good luck to all who see it. The story also says a Brownies may grant a favorite human their dearest wish if they find the glass, but only if the wish is unselfish. Ella wants that wish for her parents so they’ll stay together forever.

She’s positive Diarmid, the brownie who lives in her barn at Craigwarren—her home in Scotland—knows the whereabouts of the magic glass, and when she starts to find clues, she has no doubt. To her surprise, she finds out after an accident that Keir, a boy in her school class whom she’s always hated, is not horrible but is as big a believer in magic as she is. As their friendship grows, they search for the Brownies’ Treasure together.

When their secret explorations get them into serious trouble, however, Ella and Keir are grounded from any more far-flung searching. Before she can find her treasure, her father is ready to leave. She admits to her plan at last, and although the grown-ups have simple explanations for all her discoveries, Ella still believes.

Trouble is, it might be too late for even the strongest faith to make a miracle happen.

February 20, 2024
Good at People.jpg

Good at People by Lee Pini

In a last-ditch effort to finish a manuscript, Thomas Kovacs packs up his teenage daughter, Alexis, and relocates to a small town in northern England. Things have been strained between them for months, but the closer Thomas gets to the end of his book, the more distant Alexis becomes.

Krishna Singh came to Corbridge to open a bookstore and start a family. After two years, his business is thriving. His family? Well, he hasn't gotten around to that yet. Actually, he hasn’t even dated. The closest he gets is bonding over books and music with an American teenager who comes into his shop.

When it turns out the teenager’s dad is none other than Krishna’s favorite author, he wastes no time in getting to know Thomas. But attempts at something more go about as well as Thomas’s writing, or his relationship with Alexis. Can Krishna convince Thomas that they all deserve a happy-ever-after?

December 2023
JL Photo.jpg
JL Heir Book 11.jpg

Heir by J L Wilson


Book 11 in the  A Remember Classics Romance series


Jessa was held prisoner for her first sixteen years until she was freed by Nick Kingson, a young police officer. Now Nick is back to protect her when Jessa's father searches for the daughter he abandoned. There's a lot of money involved and a lot of prestige, and those two elements mean that Jessa may not live to see an inheritance.

Jessa and Nick go back to the town where she was once held captive. But she's no longer The Girl in the Tower.


Will she get the chance to be the person she was meant to be?

Or will an old enemy stop her before she can gain her inheritance?

May 2023
Lizbeth Selvig 600x700.jpg

Scotland at Last by Lizbeth Selvig

Book 3 in the Heirs of Craigwarren series

Her move to Scotland wasn’t about love—until she found it with a true-to-life Highlander.

The only one in the whole of the country who didn’t want to stay.


Dyed-in-the-wool optimist Bridget Portman has known her entire life she’d eventually move from the U.S. to Scotland—the land of her late mother’s birth. Though she comes to celebrate her brother’s Christmas wedding at beautiful Craigwarren, the home bequeathed to Bridget and her brothers, there’s more to her Scottish plans than holiday nuptials and inheritances. With a freshly acquired master’s degree in archaeology, she’s been offered the perfect job on a historical dig, where her lifelong dream of studying her heritage can come true at last.

Master distiller Lachlan Brody might be fifth-generation heir to iconic Glen Alasdair distillery, but he’s tired of looking for acceptance from his famous father, who refuses to acknowledge his son’s expertise or allow him to help bring Glen Alasdair into the future and out of financial trouble. Lachlan loves his job in the U.S. and is ready to leave Scotland and his family legacy behind for a rare opportunity to purchase a small distillery of his own. But a serious accident leaves his father incapacitated and the family business in need of help.

Anxious to do what he must to support his family and return quickly to America, he doesn’t count on the increasing friction with his father or problem after problem plaguing Glen Alasdair. He’s also unprepared to meet the most infectiously happy person he’s ever known. Within days, effervescent Bridget starts to remind him of all the things he still loves about Scotland. No matter how bad things get, Bridget makes the world brighter. Soon, unexpected love brings all Lachlan’s beliefs and plans into question.

When Bridget’s dream job falls through, however, and she learns the only opportunity in her field will send her halfway around the world from her beloved Scotland and Craigwarren, it devastates even her sunny personality. It doesn’t help that she’s fallen hard for a Highlander she wasn’t even looking for.

But if Bridget can’t follow her dreams, and Lachlan can’t find a way to work with his father, neither can stay in Scotland after Christmas and be happy. Even love has its work cut out with these two.

When it comes to love, however, the Highlands have power. And Christmas has a magic all its own.

May 2023
Nan Dixon photo 2.jpg

Connections by Nan Dixon

Book 2 in the Designer Children series



Ashe Bristol, a recuperating quarterback, wants to make his father proud, something he's never accomplished. Ashe wants one more season out of his knee, then he can stop trying to earn his father's respect and figure out the rest of his life.

But when Ashe runs into a man who looks just like him, his world changes. And they find two more people genetically related to them. They are all the same age but have different parents, were born in different states, and have different birthdays. Someone wants to keep their connection secret and they don't know why.

Kat Phillips, an ambitious reporter, has the story that will ignite her career. She's been promised the exclusive story of Harris and Ashe's origins once they understand it. Kat's helping with their research, but she's been sworn to secrecy until they're ready to release the news to the world.

Kat has never been attracted to Harris, but his look-a-like, Ashe is irresistible. She and Ashe are focused on their careers and aren't looking for long-term. But being together in the midst of danger changes them. Keeping their relationship casual no longer works.

Then their faceless enemy tries to kill them.

Can they stay alive long enough to uncover why someone wants them dead?

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